RustProof Labs

RustProof Labs helps organizations effectively collect data which provides actionable information to drive strategy.

Our unique ability combines human and technical elements delivering customized and user-friendly results for your data needs.

Services We Provide

  • Database and Application Development
  • Security Analysis
  • Performance Tuning
  • Training

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Our Methodology

We use a systematic approach to solve complex problems. Attention to detail helps ensure projects run smoothly and expected outcomes are met within budget and on schedule.

  • Establish baselines
  • Set goals
  • Develop a plan
  • Implement and Measure Results
  • Verify and Repeat (as necessary)

Other RustProof Labs sites

Mastering PostGIS and OpenStreetMap

Mastering PostGIS and OpenStreetMap is an eBook written by Ryan Lambert, edited by Julie Lambert, and published by RustProof Labs. This book provides a practical guide to introduce readers to PostGIS, OpenStreetMap data, and spatial querying. Read the offical annoucement for more information.
RustProof Labs' Blog: Blogging for knowledge

Our blog contains a collection of technical posts covering PostgreSQL, PostGIS, cybersecurity, and more.

Featured Posts

Logo for postgresql.conf compare by RustProof Labs

postgresql.conf compare

The postgresql.conf comparison tool was created to make it easier to track changes to the database's main configuration file. These configuration options do change over time with major versions as new features added and existing features improved.

Logo for Data Delivery Platform by RustProof Labs

Colorado Population Dashboard

This Colorado-focused dashboard provides user friendly and interactive access to demographic and economic trend data.

The PiWS:  Open source weather station built around the popular Raspberry Pi.

The PiWS is the Open Source weather station for everyone. Using reliable, affordable hardware paired with open source software, this is the easiest way to collect sensor data about your surrounding areas.

Currently collecting temparature and humidity data indoors and outdoors, storing data in PostgreSQL databases.

Track Your Garden

Track Your Garden provides an all-in-one tracking solution for your garden, greenhouse, or agricultural-scale operation. Perfect for anyone wanting to track their plants from beginning (seed, sprout, etc) to end (harvest).